Self-Organizing for Social Change

We all carry a hunger for a better world, a place where our children can be nurtured, a place that feels safe, and a sense of belonging and worth.

Many people express a desire to live and work together in community, where many races, social economic levels and age groups interact and build meaningful relationships and hold the idea  that everyone in the community is accepted and read as a valuable, integral member.

To begin to move us through lifetimes of embodied personal, familial and cultural patterned living requires a spirited commitment to exploration of what we resist and the active choosing of new practices grounded in meaning, purpose, and relevancy. It takes courage, curiosity and a willingness to face the challenge of Community.

Practices offered in this program are organized around the nurturing of Community with the understanding of it as powerful work, for ourselves and for the world.

A somatic principle is that we are always practicing something, that we are what we have practiced and that we can become what we intentionally practice.

The underlying principle of these programs is that to live fully in community we must live more fully in our bodies. This requires of us to quiet our mind and connect to our heart and instincts, letting this inform our actions and our words.  This takes creative, deliberate, and inspired practice, practice, practice over time.


Through our Basic Program students will learn to:

  • Embrace a greater community vision while attending to details
  • Recognize and cultivate their natural strengths, talents, and intelligences
  • Bring to a more conscious level what they communicate beyond words
  • Build the ability to take action gracefully under pressure
  • Develop their ability to self-regulate self-organize and be self-motivate
  • Make requests that produce results
  • Declare their commitments and more effectively fulfill them
  • Identify and manage moods
  • Take decisive action that aligns with our values
  • Practice becoming a more receptive listener and offer greater support to one another
  • Reveal and enhance their unique leadership style, deepening our capacity to listen and speak our truths
  • “Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.”

    -- Albert Einstein

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