Our mission at Liminal Somatics is to share practices for engaging the core values and collective understanding that empowers  compassionate action in the world.


Group Training

2014-05-15 16.55.36-2Transformative Leadership and Community building programs help clients learn to work through conflicts, turn reactions into resources, and synchronize their emotions, intellects, and bodies with their core values. These skills foster a sense of purpose and the capacity to resource our diversity.  Improve your ability to walk your talk with compassion and power!

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Individual Coaching

IMG_0682 copyOur personal coaching and training programs are designed to help clients clarify the future they desire, and develop the skills they need to make this future a reality. Participants examine embedded habits and speech patterns that often go unnoticed and learn simple daily centering practices for aligning their core values with their words and actions.

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Youth & Young Adult Programs

Our child and teen programs offer a safe learning environment for students of every age to learn to express them selves with a greater compassion, clarity and honesty. Listening to the guiding wisdom of the body and senses develops the skills for becoming effective community participants and to live creative and fulfilling lives.

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Upcoming Events

Embodying Nonviolent Communication

  • When: February/16/2018
  • Where: Houston- Dominican Sisters Retreat Center
  • Time: all day
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Embodying Nonviolent Communication

  • When: April/14/2018
  • Where: Moscow, Idaho
  • Time: 10 to 5
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Nonviolent Communication, Japan

  • When: May/12/2018
  • Where: Tokyo, Japan
  • Time: TBA
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Welcome to Liminal Somatics   

For much of my life, I have pursued practical ways to access a deeper guidance. What I share in my workshops comes out of my own inner work, inspired by many teachers that I have been fortunate to meet along the way.

Our trainings and classes are for everyone, from beginner student to advanced trainer.  Learning to embody your power and compassion can be a fascinating personal journey of self-mastery.  Our trainings can help you develop your ability to walk into the unknowns of life, personally and professionally, with a greater sense of purpose, discriminating wisdom, joy, and wonder.

We can help you develop personal daily practices that most suit you, that engage your creativity and help turn old reactive habits into resources for connection and healing.

Its fun, it goes deep, its reconnecting, sometimes a little scary, it’s empowering. My work is devoted to creating a more nurturing world for generations to come.

I hope you will join me in an upcoming training.Feel free to contact me to set up a training that fit your needs.

David Weinstock            

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360-689-2641   davidkweinstock@gmail.com




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  • “We cannot live for ourselves alone. Our lives are connected by a thousand invisible threads, and along these sympathetic fibers, our actions run as causes and return to us as results.”

    -- Herman Melville

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