Youth and Young Adult Programs

19Magic is Practice

Harry Houdini

Our programs offer a safe and caring space to train mind and body. In this environment we learn to “conflict well”. Learning to center ourselves more quickly in trying moments, we become more open, relaxed, inclusive and resourceful.


Ages 6 to 11- Jedi Magic: Embodying Nonviolent Communication


Playful stories, demonstrations and engaging practices and activities that spark the imagination, shed light on positive ways of engagement, and orient young hearts towards the recognitions of our interdependence.


Ages 12 to 16- Conflicting Well:  Finding What We Need

Playful, engaging practices, role-plays, demonstrations and stories to shed light on ways to enter into conflict that promotes connection, new learning, healing and a collective resourcefulness.  This course in its entirety begins a powerful and intriguing personal journey towards self-mastery.


Ages 14 to 18- Embodying Nonviolent Communication:  Moving from Center

Engaging demonstrations, practices, conversations, stories and more to help these young adults to organize themselves around what they deeply care about, speak their truths with care, power and honesty.  Moving From the Center intrinsically orienting them to walk their talk with dignity and grace.





The goal of the workshop is to take these practices and implement them in our daily lives to help us:

  • Stay centered and connected during difficult conversations
  • Listen with empathy
  • Build intimacy
  • Get along better with family members and friends
  • Establish healthy boundaries that promote a powerful inclusivity
  • Learn to transform anger into life lessons


Hello David,

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful day that my 3 girls (Hannah, Sarah and Emily Richards) had on Sunday at your workshop.  They have been brimming with excitement and activity stemming from the day with you.  From the moment that I picked them up, they were very excited to try and explain to me everything they had done, and were most animated in their demonstrations!  I wanted to share with you some of the comments that I heard from them:

“He asked us some really hard questions…but GOOD questions.  For example, ‘How are you?’.  And, ‘good’ or ‘fine’ isn’t what he meant.  He really wanted you to think from your heart.”

“We talked about how to try and understand why someone else might say what they do, even if you don’t agree with them.  I think that would be hard when I am mad, but I will try to do that.”

“You know, it’s really about thinking with your heart and your stomach…not always your head.”

“I’m going to try the ‘bubble’ when I’m in the Greek Olympics at school.  Do you think it would work for that??”

And my all-time favourite that came from Hannah (11yrs old) on the way home from the workshop:

“Mom, that bubble!?  It’s simply magnificent!!”


Thank you for what you do.  The girls are already asking if they can work with you again, so I hope to see you back in our community very soon.



Dawn Richards




“If we change ourselves we change our world, and changing ourselves begins with changing our language and methods of communication.”

–        Dr. Marshall Rosenberg


  • “Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.”

    -- Albert Einstein

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