Webinar Modules Somatic Consensus Level 1: Embodying Nonviolence

Webinar Modules

Somatic Consensus:  Embodying Nonviolence

S.U.R.F.I.N.G You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf!

Module 1

SHAPE – Shaping ourselves

In this first module, we establish sense of “place” internally and externally as a sacred training space (dojo). Turning our attention to our inner sensations, we will identify and articulate that which we deeply value.  With this knowledge as a foundation we will offer physical and emotional centering practices utilizing posture, movement, breath, and imagery to access a more natural and relaxed state. Aligned with our values, we will shape personal commitments to fuel the kind of practice that moves us through our conditioned histories towards who it is we choose to become now.

Focus -1st Center (Chakra)- Base- Connection to Nature-A commitment to integrity

Module 2

UNFOLD– Unfolding our Stories

The more relaxed we are, the more conscious we can be and the clearer our observations and choices can be. Utilizing all of our senses, we will learn to observe the core strategies s we have internalized (often below a conscious level) over the course of our lives.  Bringing these core strategies to awareness increases our compassion, sense of responsibility and opportunities for healing our conflicts. We will practice ways to create more internal space in order to make room for new learning.

Focus-2nd Center- A commitment to patience and appreciation

Module 3

RESOURCE– Reaction to Resource

In this module we will explore mourning and celebration, the two sides of gratitude. Powerful centering/settling practices will steady us as we move into deep feeling and then contact the sources behind our strategies. Through self-empathy practices, we will transform our core strategies into powerful resources for connection and contribution.

Focus-3rd Center- Connecting to Self-A commitment to self -knowing

Module 4

FIELD- Extending a Listening Field

We will train our attention to notice subtle physical internal sensations.  This is essential for creating and maintaining an “empathic field” that is, empathy for oneself and others. We will learn to observe the rhythms and timing in nature to improve our own sense of timing in learning new processes.

Focus-4th Center- Heart A commitment to inclusivity

Module 5

INITIATE- Stepping into Vision

In this module we will develop our capacity to create new beginnings.   Utilizing what we have learned in the previous modules, we will utilize a centered, inclusive, and resourceful place as a foundation for creation. We will unify instincts, heart, and mind in order to enter and engage with the uncertainty of relationships and life’s changes.  And this will allow us to live with dignity, integrity and grace. This internal consensus is the source for powerful, embodied communication.

Focus-5th Center- Voice– A commitment to courage

Module 6

NAVIGATE– Negotiate- blend and lead

Good timing is process and comes from patiently patience awaiting an advantage.  As we explore the sources of our strategies, we will build our capacity to re-center ourselves more quickly. In addition

Identifying our present needs allows us to use an inner guidance system, which is essential for good leadership.  Powerful leadership is modeled by how we lead ourselves.

Focus-6th Center –Head-A commitment to dignity

Module 7

GENERATE-Creating a Future

In this last module we will explore how to bring our work out into the world.  Here we integrate verbal and nonverbal communication to fully embody our intentions, visions and actions.  We will deepen our ability to recover more skillfully when emotionally triggered by personal challenges and chaos. We will move with collective vision and employ a skillful vulnerability that reveals ourselves, builds mutual trust and keeps us safe.

Focus-7th Center- Crown, staying present in the midst of change and challenge -A commitment to collaboration

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  1. Posted March 29, 2012 at 4:37 pm | Permalink

    My experience with Hanna Somatics is that only 3 or 4 slow peoetitirns are required. Do the movements perhaps 3 times during the day depending on if you are in an acute state or maintaining command of these muscles. The thing to remember is that these are movement/awareness activties NOT exercises to be done haphazardly. It’s very subtle and very effective. A tip: If you can’t do a particular Somatic movement because of pain, then THINK about doing it visualize as if you are doing it!

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