Practices for Embodying Nonviolent Communication

  • When: August/01/2017
  • When it Ends: November/07/2017
  • Where: Live Web Forum
  • Time: 4 to 6 PST
  • Cost: 60 dollars
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Couples Conversations

  • When: September/03/2017
  • When it Ends: November/05/2017
  • Where: Indianola(Our home)
  • Time: 10 am to 4pm
  • Cost: $375 per couple
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Nonviolent Communication 10 day IIT

  • When: October/06/2017
  • When it Ends: October/15/2017
  • Where: Atami, Japan
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East Africa Aikido Seminar

  • When: November/19/2017
  • When it Ends: November/19/2017
  • Where: Awassa, Ethiopia
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Embodying Nonviolent Communication

  • When: July/09/2017
  • When it Ends: July/09/2017
  • Where: Our home in Indianola
  • Time: 6-8pm
  • Cost: chocolate and flowers
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  • “Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.”

    -- Albert Einstein

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