The Taste of Beauty

        Listening and Answering to Our Hunger as a Somatic Practice

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Do you awaken and delight all of your senses in the preparation and partaking of your meals?
Do you feel deeply nurtured when you get up from the table?

Feeding ourselves is the most intimate daily somatic practice we engage in. Our habits and practices around food provide a powerful basis for self-care, engaging community, and for recognizing our connections to all life on this planet.
In this workshop, the recurring notion is that by listening carefully to what our bodies tell us, we receive life-enriching information that may otherwise go unnoticed.  Integrating this information into our daily practices develops clarity and presence, rooted in what we deeply care about.  From this foundation, meaning and purpose is brought to all that we do.
This  series builds on David Weinstock’s Somatic Consensus and Body of Wisdom workshops, and Judith Weinstock’s expertise teaching Culinary Arts as a somatic practice for over 25 years. The Somatic Nourishment Series unfolds in 4 seasonal workshops, drawing from the cycle of life and the rhythms of nature and relationship.  The series is for all ages.  We offer adult, children’s, teens and mixed-age programs, with the option to custom fit them to your particular needs.


Judith Weinstock

In these workshops* we will:

•    Explore our habits around food, taking the time to identify and articulate what we care about and how we answer to our hunger. From this foundation, participants will build a set of practices that more accurately reflect their values.
•    Invite all of our senses—taste, touch, smell, sound, sight, intuition and instinct, to engage in the preparation and sharing of our meals.
•    Explore the notion that nutrition begins with our intentions, thoughts and attitudes around food, before we even sit down to eat.
•    Delve into specific nutritional value of ingredients and the art of combining foods.
•    Explore the value of aesthetic beauty in our meals.
•    Learn the basics of mastery, which are applicable anywhere.

*Explorations cover vast areas of discovery, often including (but not limited to) nutrition, chemistry/science, food politics, agriculture/culture, ethics, history, environment and social justice issues
David’s and  Judith’s Bio and Testimonials

  • “Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.”

    -- Albert Einstein

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