S.U.R.F.I.N.G: An Imaginative Centering Practice

IMG_0095Grow vertical first and then horizontal like plants.

Be in the form to let it remind you to re-center.

Then soften, open and make room for inquiry…then discover

Gratitude connects us. The more you cultivate gratitude, the less you are a victim of resentment, depression and despair. Gratitude will act as an elixir that will gradually dissolve the hard shell of your ego and need to possess and control as it transforms you into a generous being.

Imagination is a question to the body. Imagination is the language of the soul. (Webster’s) Imagination, different from fantasy helps provide meaning to experience and understanding to knowledge; it is a fundamental facility through which people make sense of their lives.

To begin:

  1. This is a sitting practice. Have your head above your heart above your belly. Soften your gaze or close your eyes. Let your tongue rest on the back of your throat. Lengthen the back of the neck, imagine the weight that you carry falling off your shoulders for now. Unclench your sphincter muscles and feel your connection to the earth. Set the form then soften into it. Feel your tail bone connect to the earth


Breathe- Take a deep and relaxing breath in and let out an audible “ahhhhh” sound as you breathe out. Again.

Begin a gentle, even rhythm of breathing up you back and down your front and continue this through the practice.

S-Shape your foundation

Put your attention to the area around the base of your tailbone.

Imagine roots spiraling down into the earth and then spreading out, connecting you with the ground, the dirt, the rocks, other roots and organisms, the plants, animals, all living creatures, water, the air, birds, sun, the sky, the stars, all creation.

Take the moment to be grateful in your own way for the earth and nature that supports you.


U- Unify your Relations

Breath up your back and down your front.

Put your attention in your belly. Just a couple inches below your navel is the hara, the center of spiritual confidence.

  1. Place your attention to the space that is behind your belly, at your back. Feel into what supports you from behind and all that came before you. You can be selective. Invite the ancestors and older relative who were healthy and whole. (Leave the crazy ones out), the teachers in your life, the great teachers on this planet past and present. All the wisdom contained in your genetic cellular history back to the beginning of life. All this is behind you. Feel the support at your back. Remember you are not alone and that there is always much to support you no matter what you may think. You can imagine many hands holding and supporting you from behind.

     Let a sense of gratitude wash over you for all that supports you from behind.

  1. Now place your attention to your sides and imagine all those who walk beside you in your life. Your friends, brothers and sisters, partners and associates. Again be as selective as you like.

         Take the moment to be grateful for them.

  1. Now place your attention in front of you and imagine all the young ones who remind us to play, who will take us into the future and go beyond us, who make it all worth while.

          Take the moment and in your own way be grateful for the young ones.

     *At your own time and speed in your daily practice you can place your attention to those people on any side of you who were less easy for you to be with. Take time to look under their words and strategies to our common humanity. Appreciate how these difficult people are your best training partners. Your relationship to them brings your attention inside to places that you would never find without them. Reframe these people as your Lucifers, your light bringers. These people shine a light in places inside you that you would never find without them. In time, with practice you can build your capacity for loving those who challenge you in your life. *(See All Our Relations Practice for more on this).

R- Re-source Your Self

  1. Put your attention to the center of your solar plexus, that is around the hollow of your chest below the heart region and above the belly.

Take a moment to appreciate and give gratitude for all you are and all that you bring to the world.  If this feels lovely, stay with it and sit with that. If you notice that somewhere inside yourself sensations of uneasiness, sadness, pain, contraction, emptiness or the like, bring your attention to where it is in your body. Ask yourself this question and listen closely to the first intuitive answer that comes below and before your thinking.

  1. How old was I here when I learned this? If you do not get an answer try again until you do. Any answer is useful. Answers could be at birth, 2, 4, 6, 10,32, and 50, before birth… What ever it is take note.
  • It is an infant or newborn, imagine, holding yourself, looking into each other’s eyes. Take the moment to be grateful for the beautiful child within you.
  • As a young child. Let him/her nudge his/her way into your lap. Invite this child with love and gratitude. Take some time with the ages that stand out. Imagine holding, listening, walking with, or tending to these different ages of yourself in ways that you would have loved. Be patient with these younger ones. They may feel hurt and unseen. Take courage, a gentle curiosity, some caring and creativity. Consider the best way of being to care for another person at those various ages.

            Take the moment to be grateful for each of those ages of yourself.

            Take the moment to be grateful for your present self.

If this is a regular practice, it might be most useful to spend time with only one or two of these ages of yourself a day. (For more on this go to Core Strategies practice)


F- Field of the Heart

Breath up your back and down your front. Connecting and breathing from the earth you sit on, all your relations, yourself and now your heart.

  1. Bring your attention to your heart region. This heart pulsating, radiating in all directions, offering and receiving. Connecting to all other hearts, to all life, giving meaning through all you feel.

In this moment, in your own way, have gratitude for all the love you are and that   you are connected with.


I- Initiate- Self Expression

Breath up your back and down your front.

Breath up through the earth you sit on, all your relations, yourself, the heart and now your throat area.

Move up to your throat region.

  1. When you are rooted in the nature that supports you, all your relations, yourself and your heart you can know what is true for you. Rest in this knowing and express your self with confidence.

            Take the moment to be grateful for your ability to speak your truth.


N- Navigate-Blend and Lead

Breath up your back and down your front.

Breath up through the earth you sit on, all your relations, yourself, the heart, and your voice and now up to your forehead, just between and above your eyes.

  1. When you are connected with all these resources and relations that are always available- trust that you know what is true for you.

Take the moment to be grateful that you can know your truth


G- Generate – Creating your Future

Breath up your back and down your front.

Breath up through the earth you sit on, all your relations, yourself, the heart, and your voice and now up to your forehead, your forehead and now the crown of your head.

As you breath, imagine extending your vertical line down to the center of the earth and then back up through the centers of your body, through the crown of your head to the sky.

Take this moment to be grateful for the present moment.

Now is a good time to begin a sitting practice and /or move into your day with a sense of gratitude.

*In this practice, as we move to each center in our bodies, with gentle curiosity and caring notice any places of discomfort, emotionally and physically. Let your feelings be. It takes courage of heart to just be with your self. By learning to tolerate your own feelings with love and patience, you increase your capacity for graciousness and dignity with others.






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