Somatic Coaching for Professionals

Bringing Power and Compassion to your Words and Actions

            “Emotions tell us what really matters.”      – Dr. Richard Stozzi-Heckler

Our mindsIMG_2573 can run us in circles, but the body doesn’t lie. Somatic Coaching engages us in direct conversation with the body, producing deep insights into our embedded habits and reactions.  Recent advances in neuroscience support our somatic approach as the most direct route to developing the emotional, behavioral and interpersonal skills that successful professionals and leaders share.

Somatic Coaching is a multifaceted approach that works with, on and through the body to access the emotional and intuitive intelligence that courses through each of us.  Effectively harnessing mood and emotion increases our ability to take skillful, decisive action and relate compassionately.  Through personalized practices our clients learn how to synchronize their physical, emotional, linguistic, intellectual and intuitive resources.

                                                –Specifically, Somatic Coaching offers tools and practices to:

                                                –Develop an inspired career path

                                                –Walk your talk with dignity and grace

                                                –Articulate your commitments and more effectively fulfill them

                                                –Learn to build collaborative relationships

Whether leading your own life or leading others the basics here are the same. Successful leaders must be able to walk their talk with empathy, dignity, integrity and grace. At Liminal Somatics, building your foundation through Somatic Coaching delivers the tools to be a skillful listener, a powerful advocator and an inspirational leader.


 Organizational Communication Training & Consulting Services

We help executives and their teams achieve a culture of greater collaboration. Difficult patterns in communication become opportunities for clarifying purposeful action and teamwork.  Building highly engaged teams is a key to success.

We work with small- to large-sized companies and nonprofits throughout the US and overseas.

Our approach combines the brilliant linguistics of Nonviolent Communication and somatic coaching, both  internationally recognized method which focuses on what’s unfolding, how it matters, and enriching ways to move forward.  We customize each training to our clients needs


 “The body and breathing practices I learned re-connected me with my body and literally changed the way I am in the world.  I stand straighter and walk with purpose.  David’s way is gentle and strong. He helped me clarify and live my values and my commitment so that I could realize the life I want to live.  My relationships are more honest and fulfilling.   The workshop literally changed my life.”            

                   Paul Bartick, Bartick Consulting

  • “We cannot live for ourselves alone. Our lives are connected by a thousand invisible threads, and along these sympathetic fibers, our actions run as causes and return to us as results.”

    -- Herman Melville

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