Embodying Nonviolent Communication

Practices for Embodying Nonviolent Communication with David Weinstock

2014-05-12 10.01.39For much of my life, I have pursued practical ways to access a deeper guidance. What I share in my workshops come out of my own inner work, inspired by many teachers that I have been fortunate to meet along the way.

Nonviolent Communication, at its core, helps us to shift our mindsets from shame, blame, and criticism towards honesty and empathic connection. As a Somatic Coach, I bring to the circle the application of Somatics (the unity of language, action, emotions, and meaning) to help us bridge that gap.

Many years ago while practicing empathy during Nonviolent Communication training, I had a powerful realization.  It was that empathy was the same process as extending a “ki” field, something I was familiar with through 20 years of training in the martial art of Aikido.

Since then, my passion has been to share how these two enlightened paths can inform one another’s teachings. Nonviolent2014-05-14 16.42.58 2014-05-14 16.41.42 Communication beautifully moves us into our heart center and felt sense, dramatically enhancing our verbal and empathic skills.  Aikido connects us to our center of intuition, the gut, the center of spiritual confidence and powerful, harmonious action.

I consider Aikido to be nonverbal, nonviolent communication.  This adds some exciting possibilities, since up to 90% of what we communicate is nonverbal!

These trainings are for everyone, from beginner student to advanced trainer.  Learning to embody your power and compassion can be a fascinating personal journey of self-mastery, increase your ability to walk into the unknowns of life, personally and professionally, with a greater sense of purpose, discriminating wisdom, joy and wonder.

Community, at home and in the workplace, is created moment to moment.  Now we can do it purposefully. Embodying Nonviolent Communication gives us tools to practice while we are working, mobilizing our physical, emotional and linguistic resources to walk our talk with power AND compassion.

Clear honest communication and skillful listening is at the heart of this series.

Embodying Nonviolent Communication trains our attention to the needs underlying conflict.  This keeps difficult moments from turning violent and leads to creative and collaborative problem solving.

“Nonviolent Communication and Aikido  wonderfully complement each other”.  Marshal Rosenberg

Without embodied practice, NVC simply goes into the head with increased pressure.

“Under duress, we do not rise to our expectations – we fall to the level of our training”                Bruce Lee

  • Stay centered and connected during difficult conversations
  • Listen skillfully and non-defensivily
  • Develop leadership presence
  • Communicate with clarity and purpose
  • Establish healthy boundaries that promote collaboration
  • Build trusting relationships with colleagues
  • Transform anger into life lessons

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IMG_0371 copyNonviolent Communication Basics

Nonviolent Communication is a practice that helps us be more fully present and responsible for the choices we make. It is a practice that centers us squarely into our compassionate nature. Presence and compassion inform and empower the choices we make, what we communicate and the actions we take in the world.

 Nonviolent Communication offers practices that help free us from destructive and hidden familial, cultural and historical patterns of communicating.

Here are some of the  main NVC components:

OBSERVATION: Observing without evaluating

FEELINGS:         Identifying and expressing feelings

NEEDS:                Making choices based on what  you truly love and care about

REQUESTS:       Requesting what would enrich your life



What they say about the NVC DOJO


“Foremost in my mind is my excitement and joy in how deeply the Aikido movements actually support and facilitate the embodiment of NVC consciousness as I understand and hold it. I also appreciated David’s fluidity with integrating those and sharing them in a very accessible way. I was enthused to use some of the movements the very next weekend in a workshop I gave, as streamlining the integration of NVC consciousness in students is my foremost intention, and his presentation certainly supports that.”

-- Lauren Swift, Certified NVC trainer, Grass Valley


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  • “Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.”

    -- Albert Einstein

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