Personal Coaching

There are many perspectives on coaching today, and somatic coaching is the only methodology that encompasses our entire humanness – our body, behavior, thinking, feeling, and spirit – to identify and realize personal  and professional goals.  

Through attention training, conversation and bodywork we “talk to the body” and re-shape ourselves into a more relaxed, confident, bold shape through which we can live our values and realize our full potential. Our personal and professional coaching programs show clients how  to observe the self in their bodies and understand how their shape creates opportunities and limitations.




Specifically, participants:

  • Feel more relaxed, have more energy and vigor
  • Make and effectively fulfill on commitments
  • Work more skillfully with others
  • Navigate change and uncertainty
  • Understand what you are communicating non-verbally to others
  • Develop a new career path or life purpose
  • Cultivate more intimate relationships and community
  • Develop leadership and relationship skills
  • Turn conflict into paths for healing and connection
  • Live your values and what you care about


What People Say:

“The body and breathing practices I learned re-connected me with my body and literally changed the way I am in the world.  I stand straighter and walk with purpose.  David’s way is gentle and strong. He helped me clarify and live my values and my commitment so that I could realize the life I want to live.  My relationships are more honest and fulfilling.  I have since sent my wife and my children.  The workshop literally changed my life.”  

                                                                                Paul Bartick,  President,  Bartick Consulting

For me, this work is a direct way into cultivating the intrinsic trust i’ve been seeking. This unified somatic internal consensus among body-mind-spirit that David has been honing is NVC in motion for me.  it’s opening up a piece of the empathic field that has been out of my reach…        

                                                                                                                   Shana Deane    Teacher

I personally experienced substantial shifts in perspective as a result of how thoughtfully and skillfully I was encouraged to step out of my box, and guided along. The depth of his ability to listen, to meet each person where they were, and to hold both the empathy and the tension, were remarkable.

                                                       Lou Ann Street,  Transformational Breathing Instructor


  • “Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.”

    -- Albert Einstein

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