Aikido is a modern martial art based in the principle of reconciliation. Aikido’s emphasis and ethic is on healing the violence within and around us. As with all of our trainings, Aikido is firmly rooted in community mindedness—the sense that we are all in this together. As with the foundations of Somatics, Aikido brings our attention to how we are doing what we are doing. One of the characteristics that makes Aikido unique is an emphasis from the very first instant of practice upon the unification of intention and action. It emphasizes unifying the forces of the practitioner with the forces of nature and the extension of an energetic field of awareness or ki. Aikido offers the practice of anchoring ourselves in the physical world so that we can walk competently into the mystery of relationship and life.

Another distinguishing aspect of Aikido is its application. There is no attack in Aikido. No serious injury will be left in its wake when someone who is skilled at Aikido applies a technique. The perceptions of “enemy” begin to fade with training as we include the health and welfare of the attacker in our response. All Aikido practices physically ground and center us in our bodies and the universal principle of compassion. We develops skills to extend ourselves in nonviolent ways that meet and enter into the conflicts that arise in ways that neutralize attacks, and lead the interaction to a place of healing and mutual benefit.


“David Weinstock Sensei’s Aikido classes are very enjoyable, yet challenging, for all levels of student ability. David teaches with enthusiasm, humor, and compassion. He sets high standards of martial proficiency and personal growth, while assisting the student in attaining their objectives.”

—Larry Fickel, Aikido student and 2nd degree black belt

Practice on the mat becomes practice for all life. If it works on the mat it makes sense in life, if it doesn’t work on the mat, it doesn’t make sense off the matt.

David has been studying Aikido for over 30 year. It is an art derived from martial budo and has had a powerful application in his personal as well as his public life. Early on as a political organizer he recognized its application for meeting the challenges presented by the tumultuous political landscape. It offers a way to enter into conflict from the perspective of blending rather than domination with inclusiveness rather than polarization. .

Ongoing trainings for all ages are offered in our Indianola dojo. Classes are for all levels from the basic beginner to advanced students.

  • “We cannot live for ourselves alone. Our lives are connected by a thousand invisible threads, and along these sympathetic fibers, our actions run as causes and return to us as results.”

    -- Herman Melville

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