Trainings and Workshops

Embodying Nonviolent Communication

Embodying NVC practices transforms old embodied strategies and verbal patterns that no longer work for us into resources that produce an authenticity and presence that inspire trust and credibility.

These workshops are for groups of all kinds, families, couples, and individuals interested in learning linguistic, emotional and physical practices that put you in touch with your deeper values and effectively transform old habits and reactions into resources for healing and connection.

At the heart of the workshop are skills for listening better through tough conversations, finding common ground and empowering every voice to speak their own truth. This will be a time to deepen relationship skills through play, movement, stories, witnessing, sharing, courageously caring and some good fun. See More


Somatic Consensus Training

Somatic Consensus practices help align our core values with our words and actions.  To live our lives fully, it is essential to understand and articulate what we deeply care about. This is where Somatic Consensus begins. Somatic Consensus training engages our physical, emotional, linguistic, intellectual and intuitive resources and

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Somatic Consensus for Professionals

To live enriching work lives, it is essential to understand and articulate what we deeply care about. This is where Somatic Consensus begins.

Somatic Consensus practices help align our core values with our words and actions. By “coming to our senses,” we can access a discriminating wisdom and be more balanced and centered as we face the unknowns of life, work, love and learning.


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Five Elements of Embodied Leadership

Just the Basics…… Aristotle said “You are always practicing something”.  These trainings help us notice what we practice, if what we practice still serves us, and help us develop practices that align our values with our actions.  These practices in these trainings also help to reduce negative thinking, calm emotions, stay open to possibilities, cultivate a leadership presence, bring clarity to difficult situations, visualize positive futures and fulfill on commitments.

  • Step into action with greater clarity, creativity and confidence.
  • Create and share decision-making processes that inspire participation, and accountability.
  • Experience a greater sense of well-being, authenticity and ease

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IMG_0531Learning Community Programs

Real change and a most effective politic begins within the self that is known and reflected in Community. No matter what any of us may think, the truth is that we are all in this together. Community is essential and the more we can remember to practice this truth, the better off we will be. Somatic Consensus is the name of the work I’ve developed as both a personal practice and path for others to create and refine their own practices. The emerging field of Somatics teaches how living

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Organizing for Social Change

katya To consciously walk into the mystery, beauty and challenges inherent in community, we must face how we have modified our behavior to adapt to the world we have grown up in.

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“I personally experienced substantial shifts in perspective as a result of how thoughtfully and skillfully I was encouraged to step out of my box, and guided along. David’s leadership touched the hearts and moved the minds of others’ present, as well. The depth of his ability to listen, to meet each person where they were, and to hold both the empathy and the tension, were remarkable”    – Lou Ann Street, Transformational Breathing Instructor


  • “We cannot live for ourselves alone. Our lives are connected by a thousand invisible threads, and along these sympathetic fibers, our actions run as causes and return to us as results.”

    -- Herman Melville

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