Five Elements of Embodied Leadership

Resourcing the Wisdom of our Bodies

6-Month Intensive Training

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Just the Basics…… Aristotle said “You are always practicing something”.  These trainings help us notice what we practice, if what we practice still serves us, and help us develop practices that align our values with our actions.  These practices in these trainings also help to reduce negative thinking, calm emotions, stay open to possibilities, cultivate a leadership presence, bring clarity to difficult situations, visualize positive futures and fulfill on commitments.

  • Step into action with greater clarity, creativity and confidence.
  • Create and share decision-making processes that inspire participation, and accountability.
  • Experience a greater sense of well-being, authenticity and ease
    • Transform self‐limiting beliefs and habits
    • Effectively manage moods
    • Recover and restore cohesive relationships when under pressure
    •  Increase intuition and empathic listening skills
    • Clarify your personal and organizational vision
    • Take decisive action that aligns with your values

We are all leaders!

Whether you are an example to your family, friends or a CEO, inspirational leadership begins by cultivating excellence in all relationships, beginning with yourself. This program is for leaders in businesses, organizations and learning institutions. This is a level one training for Somatic Consensus trainers and an innovative foundation for embodying Nonviolent Communication for beginners and skilled trainers alike.


 Head-Shot-smallDavid Weinstock is a certified Somatic Coach1.  through the Strozzi Institute and Stuart Heller’s Five Rings Coaching Institute.  He is a certified international trainer of Nonviolent Communication2.  and has taught Aikido3. for 30 years.  He leads trainings locally and around the world—in his community, schools, prisons, organizations and businesses on four continents. David is currently a board member and co-founder of Peace Dojos International, an organization that works for peace and justice by means of community service and trainings for self-mastery distilled from the martial arts.  David has been an entrepreneur for over 30 years, as a Master Goldsmith. He helped develop Green Karat, an organization which tackles the environmental hazards of the gold industry David co-founded an intentional community in Washington where he has been developing and sharing NVC, Consensus & Leadership skills for the past 20 years. He lives there with his wife and two sons.  All of Weinstock’s work, in particular his present organization, Liminal Somatics, is based on developing leadership aligned with our values, to reclaim Community, and create a nurturing world for generations to come.


“What I experienced very powerfully was David’s sincerity of presence and embodiment of NVC consciousness. I enjoyed having movement and experiential learning being center. As many of us expressed, the quality of connection and the learning environment David created was “deeply nurturing and supported us in living the practice”        

 Lucy Leu, author, The NVC Workbook        



Participants will have personal assignments

  • Embodied daily practices based in Somatics and NVC
  • Journaling and shaping of personal practices and commitments
  • Selected readings
  • Somatic Autobiography: Consciously exploring what has shaped our lives emotionally, cognitively, culturally and historically.
  • Development and fulfilling on a personal commitment


Personal Assessment and Training Sessions

  • Each Participant will have a personal coaching session.


Initial 5 day intensive, led by David Weinstock and Nuttarote Wangwinyoo:

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Overview of Methodology and Foundational practices
  • The Dojo: Establishing a Learning Environment
  • Reclaiming the Resources of Our Bodies
  • Basics of Deep Practice
  • Shaping Our Personal Practices and Commitments
  • Empathy and Deep Listening-Powerful Inclusivity
  • Self Empathy and Building Internal Consensus
  • Motivating and Visualizing.
  • Identifying our Core Strategies- Habitual and Cultural Conditioning
  • Cultivating Confidence: The Ground You Stand on and all our Relations-Balance, Resource and Stabilizing Training
  • Establishing healthy boundaries.
  • Five Elements-Centers and Centering


First of Three One-day workshops led by Nuttarote Wangwinyoo and teleconference with David Weinstock:

  • Recalibrate, correct, augment and assess personal practices and commitments
  • The Basics of Compassionate Communication
  • Reading People- Somatic Observation
  • Inner Guidance and The Felt Sense
  • Needs as a Guiding Force


Second of Three One-day workshops led by Nuttarote Wangwinyoo and teleconference with David Weinstock:

  • Establishing the Ground you Stand on
  • Cycles of Learning, The Rhythm of Relationship and Good Timing
  • Choosing Decisively-Intuitive and Resourceful Decision Making
  • Holding a Group- Establishing a productive Learning Environment


Third of Three one-day workshops, led by Nuttarote Wangwinyoo and teleconference with David Weinstock:

  • Skillful vulnerability
  • Generating a listening field/ Group Listening Skill
  • Reading group’s needs
  • Generating Group Actions


SecondFive-day intensive led by David Weinstock and Nuttarote Terms and Practices for Success:

  • The Art of Consensus: Building Group Intention and Vision
  • Building Trust in Conflict Situations
  • Staying Present within Multiple Chaotic Relationships
  • Working with Chaos
  • Assessing Qualities and Capacity
  • Cultivating Your Leadership Qualities
  • The Good Fight- Tolerance, Capacity and Endurance
  • Walking your Talk-Deliberate, Rigorous and Committed Self Practices over Time
  • Dedications and Confirmation
  • Community Generating Skills
  • Walking your Talk: Integrating verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Bring it out into the world –declaring, and embodying the values you regard as most important.


“I was breath-taken by some of the examples David brought, and filled with hope connecting to the possibilities of teaching NVC through these examples. I was also very impressed with David’s presence and ease as a facilitator. It seems that more and more NVC practitioners are including the body in their work; David has his own unique way of doing that and I just hope that as many people as possible could access his work.” François Beausoleil, Executive Coach



Find your voice…….Speak your truth…….Walk your talk…….


Finding our voice is both literal and metaphorical for finding our place in the world and expressing our gifts. Somatic Consensus training brings our attention more squarely into our bodies and its’ emotional and intuitive resources. By paying attention to the signals of our bodies and senses, we can access a discriminating wisdom and be more balanced, resourceful and centered as we face the uncertainty of life, business and relationships.

With Somatic Consensus, internal consensus and building consensus with others becomes one integrated practice. Its practice cultivates an environment that is generative for both the individual and the whole and it represents the best of what a new paradigm for the world might be.

“Thank you so much for such an inspirational and life altering workshop.  I have never experienced such peace, belonging and connection.  The workshop and the group were amazing. It has had a very positive impact on my family, my friendships and my business.  I also have a sense of excitement that the workshop’s effects are by no means over.” Julia Boles- BC

”Here you’ll find a coherent approach to NVC through your body and perceptions. You’ll discover you have unsuspected and unused strengths in your own body.”

 Bill Leicht, President of Urban Visions


The Five Elements

 IMG_1699Ground – Under-Standing and Meaning

When you walk into the unknowns of life and relationships, it is stabilizing and empowering to know the ground you stand on, what is meaningful for you. Here you will learn practices to connect more deeply to your senses, intuition and emotions that connect you to what you care about. Knowing the ground you stand on and the ground that is beneath us all brings under-standing.

 IMG_1553Water– Connection to all our Relations

Life is about relationship. At the core is relationship to our selves. Water represents the ocean of relationships in which we swim. We will explore imaginative physical and emotional practices that develop empathic listening skills to connect more fully to all your relationships. Through this work, emotional wounds can be revealed, transformed into a resource and integrated into who we now are. Working through the body is to return again and again to the energy that is being experienced and lived in the present moment. Through self-empathy practices, we will transform our habitual core strategies into generative resources for connection, contribution and collaboration.

IMG_4950 copyFire- Finding Your Voice and Walking Your Talk

When we know what we deeply care about and are connected to all that supports us we can relax, access our higher awareness, listen more clearly and speak what is true for us with greater confidence and clarity.  Learn to fully embody your yes, no and maybe with greater inclusivity and understanding. Speak your truth and walk your talk with greater clarity, power, decisiveness and compassion.

frame 2Wind-Stop taking others Personally

With practice, you can develop self-listening skills that inform you of what is too much and what is too little, what your system can handle–or not, in relationship. We’ll redefine boundaries not as something that keeps others away but as shock absorbers that inform us when to move and when not to. This element is essential for a healthy autonomy, buoyancy and adaptability in the midst of relationship. In this session we will practice effective ways for not taking what others say too personally and for regulating our interactions in ways that help us to stay centered, creative and balanced.

Space- Empathy, Curiosity and Skillful Vulnerability

Space is the music between the notes. Here we will explore space as a resource to aid in becoming more powerfully vulnerable in a way that leaves us open to the subtle messages within relationships while increasing safety and connection. Space is the medium in which empathic connection happens. Connecting to the deeper sources of our strategies, we will explore practices to increase our capacity for inclusivity, improve our ability to re-center ourselves quickly, and develop our sense of timing.



         . 1.   Somatic Coaching is a direct conversation with the body. Intentional, deliberate and committed practice over time can effect how we shape our bodies and transform how we walk in the world.

Through this work, emotional wounds can be revealed and integrated into who we now are. Working through the body is to return again and again to the energy that is being experienced and lived in the present moment.  Somatic Coaching produces deep insights into embodied habits and somatic makeup and training increases our capacity to manage mood and emotion, take skillful, decisive action and relate compassionately. It doesn’t matter if we use the latest skills and communication techniques.  We can know that people care about us, and it is to that which we respond.                                                                                            Dr Richard Strozzi Heckler


2.  Nonviolent Communication (NVC) introduces effective practices for clear, honest and skillful communication.  NVC identifies habituated speech patterns and offers concise ways to align what we say with our deeper compassionate nature.  Practicing NVC quiets the enemy images we project, builds skills for living in the fullness of our collective needs and shows the necessity and effectiveness of inclusivity.

“If we change ourselves we change our world, and changing ourselves begins with changing our language and methods of communication.”                          Dr. Marshall Rosenberg


3 Aikido is often called the art of peace. Somatic Consensus distills the basics of Aikido’s brilliant mind/body training and time-honored tradition of self-mastery into daily practices that work for everybody. Cultivating a centered presence in conflict can effectively bring to each moment what is truly needed.  You will be introduced to practical skills that increase your ability to walk your talk with dignity, graciousness, empathy and integrity

If your heart is large enough to envelop your adversaries, you can see right through them and avoid their attacks. And once you envelop them, you will be able to guide them along the path indicated to you by heaven and earth.                                                       Morhei Ueshiba- founder of Aikido


“Refreshing and inspiring…this workshop provided me with challenges and ways to search through my internal difficulties.  I felt safe to do this for many hours at a time.  I am inspired to shift out of some of my destructive habits.”                                   Forrest Postler-College Student

  • “Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.”

    -- Albert Einstein

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