Practices for Embodying Nonviolent Communication

  • When: August/01/2017
  • When it Ends: November/07/2017
  • Where: Live Web Forum
  • Time: 4 to 6 PST
  • Cost: 60 dollars
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Somatic Practices for Embodying Nonviolent Communication

To affect real change, to do more than talk a good game requires us to come back time and time again to rediscover what we love about the paths that we are choosing. This is where this series for Embodying NVC begins. We’ll train across physical, emotional, linguistic, intellectual and intuitive domains to deliver simple yet deep techniques for transforming old reactions into resources for connection and healing. Somatic education increases the capacity to manage mood and emotion, take skillful, decisive action and relate compassionately. The following 4 part on-line trainings offer daily practices to:

  • Invigorate empathic listening faculties;
  • Discharge the anxiety held in old embodied reactions,
  • Make decisions and take actions that align with our values;
  • Cultivate resources for building relationships more capably and enjoyably.

These skills are essential for any of us who want to deepen the quality of our relationships, generate community, cultivate reverence for the sacred and effect positive change: personal, social, environmental or political.

These sessions are for individuals or groups interested in enhancing their own learning, for teachers, coaches, therapists who want to bring skills learned here through their own practices and for those who would like to learn effective practices for cultivating “Community” at home, schools, workplace and the greater community.


Session 1: Shape-Shifting

A Five Element Centering and Resourcing NVC Practice

Our body-wisdom holds the keys to a treasure house of intuitive guidance and inspiring communication. Somatic processes illuminate how repetitive responses to life’s situations become lodged in our nervous systems and how our habituated responses may or may not serve what is happening in the present moment.

How we shape our selves is inextricably linked to how we shape our relationships, shape the world around us, as well as, how the world responds back to us. This five elemental training, explored over time develops “somatic impressions”—whole body/mind understandings– that reveal the wisdom found through the living of essential and ennobling qualities of our needs such as


  • Understanding and meaning (ground),
  • Belonging and empathy (water),
  • Lightness and joy (wind),
  • Creativity and expression (fire),
  • Presence and clarity (space).

Each element provides an opportunity for profound insights and self-growth This practice combines visualization and linguistic features with Tai Chi movement to form a profound daily practice for managing internal overwhelms, listening with empathy and harmonizing conflict in relationships.

August 1st- 4-6 pm PST

Duration: 2 hours


Session 2: Transforming Core Strategies

From Reaction To Resource

Invariably, we all grow up creating strategies that organize around a unique set of circumstances. Core strategies are the deeply embedded primary physical, emotional and linguistic behaviors we’ve historically put in place to safeguard our basic needs for safety and belonging. The experiences and stories we carry over time settle, through repetition and practice, into our muscles, cells, intentions, and what we communicate. Such strategies are hard to change. Embodied historical narratives and automatic habits that we suppress or ignore eventually taint our clarity and expression and can compel our actions beyond what we may truly intend or want. In all encounters there is a play of nonverbal forces, habits, and responses and what we communicate through tone, gesture, body shape, and movement exceeds the impact of our choice of words. Catching our triggered responses more rapidly and working with them instead of against them is a profoundly transformative practice.


In this session, by noticing where our muscles tighten, how our breathing changes, and where our contractions are, we will touch those precious parts of ourselves that we’ve learned to protect in the first place. Then, with care, empathy, and practice transform old reactions into more inclusive, compassionate responses in times of overwhelm and conflict, internally and with others.

Sept. 5th  4-6 pm PST

Duration- 2 hours


Session 3: Two Sides of Gratitude:

Celebration and Mourning and an Inner Consensus Process

Gratitude is the mother of all practices. Through love and forgiveness, we can grow our capacity to share love without fear and find communion and reunion. Mourning is when we grieve what we love and miss. Celebration is when we love what is present for us. They are two sides of gratitude. Celebration and mourning, fully felt, honors life, and usually brings a sweet sorrow that is healing. Embracing both is not only healthy, the more heartfelt and clearly we can express our gratitude, the less prone we are to resentment, depression, despair and violence. A deep, honest, authentic, expression of gratitude is an agent of change.

This training session begins with reconciliation between our inner schisms. As an internal process, mourning and celebration breath life into the places we have learned to protect, hide away or in some manner of form have forsaken. This inner process builds tolerance for ourselves and understanding of our emotions as it grows the capacity for holding with compassion the emotional difficulties of others. Mourning and celebration are processes that help us to fully receive and give in ways that honors all life.

Oct. 3rd  from 4-6 pm PST

Duration: 2 hours


Session 4: The Spiral Blend Practice

 A Practice for Empathic Communication

Spiral Blend offers an integrated physical, emotional and linguistic map for practicing and understanding Nonviolent Communication processes. The Spiral Blend slows things down enough to establish awareness around our emotions during challenging and triggering moments. This allows our bodies’ signals to become an “inner guidance system” that brings direction and clarity to the choices at hand. The Spiral Blend brings special attention to the interplay of nonverbal forces, habits, and responses beneath the words we use and the stories we tell ourselves. When centered, we can discern the messages of our emotions. When un-centered, the tendency is to operate more mechanically through old, well-practiced patterns of comporting and expressing ourselves. The Spiral Blend is a process for staying present in conflict, listening empathically and exploring collaborative strategies that honor everyone’s needs.

Nov. 7th  from 4 to 6pm PST

Duration- two 2 hour sessions















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  • “We cannot live for ourselves alone. Our lives are connected by a thousand invisible threads, and along these sympathetic fibers, our actions run as causes and return to us as results.”

    -- Herman Melville

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