East Africa Aikido Seminar

  • When: November/19/2017
  • When it Ends: November/19/2017
  • Where: Awassa, Ethiopia
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A partnership between the Aikido Ethiopia Association (AEA) and the Strozzi Institute (SI),

in collaboration with the African Union Peace Initiative and the Ministry of Sport and Athletics,

will represent a unique opportunity to demonstrate the principles and practice of Aikido to

promote the resolution of conflict without violence and the pursuit of reconciliation through

respectful collaboration. There has not been such an event of this kind hosted in an African

nation, led by Africans, offering a wider participation by an increasing number of young

African practitioners of Aikido.

The four day seminar will be hosted in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and bring together 80-100

Aikido practitioners from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Somalia, South Sudan, and Ethiopia to

participate in traditional training coordinated by Richard Strozzi-Heckler Sensei and Linda

Holiday Sensei. Strozzi-Heckler Sensei holds the rank of 7 th Dan, is Chief Instructor at Two

Rock Aikido, and founder and CEO of SI. Holiday Sensei holds the rank of 6 th Dan, is Chief

Instructor of Aikido of Santa Cruz, and the author of Journey To The Heart Of Aikido.

A half-day workshop will bring together international experts and East African tribal elders to

share their knowledge and practices with government officials, military and police personnel,

AU and UN peacekeepers, community organizers, education leaders, and students. Panel

presentations and breakout group discussions will serve as an unprecedented cultural

exchange and collaboration for transforming conflict into peace. An evening demonstration at

the African Union will include interested stakeholders within the diplomatic community.

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