East Africa Aikido Seminar

  • When: November/19/2017
  • When it Ends: November/19/2017
  • Where: Awassa, Ethiopia
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Dear Friends, Family, Colleagues, and Students,

I’m writing to draw your attention to a unique and powerful project. I will be part of the team that will inaugurate the East African Aikido Association with a four day seminar in Addis Abba in November of this year.

The four day seminar will be hosted in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and bring together 80-100 Aikido practitioners from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Somalia, South Sudan, and Ethiopia.  It will bring together international experts and East African tribal elders to share their knowledge and practices with government officials, military and police personnel, AU and UN peacekeepers, community organizers, education leaders, and students.  Tribal elders are invited to present their traditional views of how to deal with conflict, and I along with 18 teachers will be a part of break out groups to introduce Embodied Leadership, somatic healing practices and ways of nonviolent conflict resolution.

My friend Tesfaye Tekelu must be credited with laying the groundwork that has made all this possible. He is the first aikido teacher in Ethiopia. Eleven years ago my wife and several students went to Ethiopia where I taught Aikido to Tes and his students. Many other teachers have visited his dojo to further his training as well and bring Aikido to Ethiopia.

Since that time he has started four more Aikido dojos, brought Aikido peace principles into the school system and opened a nonprofit, The Institute for Social Advancement, in Ethiopia that  promote the resolution of conflict without violence and the pursuit of reconciliation through respectful collaboration. There has not been such an event of this kind hosted in an African nation, led by Africans.


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