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The Spiral Blend

  The Spiral Blend click here for a video of the practice The Spiral Blend appeared in its early form one day while I was out jogging with my wife Judith. In the middle of the run our conversation headed …

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S.U.R.F.I.N.G: An Imaginative Centering Practice

Grow vertical first and then horizontal like plants. Be in the form to let it remind you to re-center. Then soften, open and make room for inquiry…then discover Gratitude connects us. The more you cultivate gratitude, the less you are …

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All Our Relations: A Five Elements Practice

Click here for Shape Shifting Video “We are a part of everything that is beneath us, above us and around us. Our past is our present, our present is our future, and our future is seven generations past and present.”                                       …

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Beginner Mind

Beginner’s Mind unfolds to become a new kind of Expert Mind which relaxes to be a beginner once more – and on and on – beginner / expert / beginner…                                                                                                      Dr. Stuart Heller “Curiosity makes you want …

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Shape Shifting

Shape Shifting Practice (formerly Elemental Needs) Click here for a video Click here for the video   or go to: “Versatility as well as all of the core virtues, including authenticity, character, and self- control, cannot be manufactured. True …

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S.U.R.F. Practice

“Questions are the mind’s way of trying to destroy a mystery.  Live with the questions while the heart dances with the answer.” “Recalling an event of love or joy through creative imagination throws out a high frequency bridge from the …

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The Hollow Bone Practice

click here for practice video One day I visited my friend Steve Old Coyote, a Native American elder, storyteller and wood carver. That particular day he was carving on a wooden staff when I asked him what he was up …

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  • “We cannot live for ourselves alone. Our lives are connected by a thousand invisible threads, and along these sympathetic fibers, our actions run as causes and return to us as results.”

    -- Herman Melville

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