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Nonviolent Communication Basics

“We can make life miserable or wonderful for ourselves and others depending upon how we think and communicate.” Marshall Rosenberg Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a language of compassion and offers a path for positive social change to come back to …

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The Roots of Somatic Consensus

Much of my adult life has been dedicated to fostering relationships and communities where all voices are valued and in which everyone thrives. This commitment took on a world of new challenges in 1990 when my wife, Judith and I …

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Two Sides of Gratitude

          Two Sides of Gratitude: Mourning and Celebration In one of my evening classes on Embodying NVC we explored self-empathy within the Spiral Blend practice. (page …..) I spoke about the healing that comes through mourning …

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Attention Training

”Where do I end and you begin?” In the moment of meeting, boundaries touch boundaries, reactions trigger reactions and self-talk intensifies. Training your attention and becoming more familiar with your personal space helps you relax and know where you end …

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Declaring a Dojo

The term, “dojo” literally means a “place to wake up” or a “place of the way”. Dojos are traditional Japanese training halls where mastery of a chosen path is pursued. A “do” is a way or a path. There are …

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Beginner Mind

Beginner’s Mind unfolds to become a new kind of Expert Mind which relaxes to be a beginner once more – and on and on – beginner / expert / beginner…                                                                                                      Dr. Stuart Heller “Curiosity makes you want …

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A Ki Moment

The Awassa Peace Dojo in Ethiopia by David Weinstock In October of 2008, I travelled to Awassa, Ethiopia, to offer aikido training to Tesfaye Tukulu, a very talented martial art instructor with a background in Karate, Tai Kwon Do and …

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Better than Chocolate

“Better than Chocolate!” After a bit of play and getting to know one another, I asked this question to the nine children sitting around the circle, “What do you really love?” This is a question so rarely asked, that most …

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The Seven C’s of Empathy

Somatic Consensus Series Care, Curiosity, Courage, Center, Confidence, Creativity and Commitment   Care- One Heart Curiosity –Makes you Want to Learn About it Courage– Willing to Feel what you Feel  Center –Me, We  Commitment –Dedicate Your Practice Creativity– Imagination and …

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The Heart of Community

As members of the U.S. consumer class and in this age of technology and communication, we experience a high degree of personal independence like no other time in history.  The price we pay is experienced in the decline of the …

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  • “We cannot live for ourselves alone. Our lives are connected by a thousand invisible threads, and along these sympathetic fibers, our actions run as causes and return to us as results.”

    -- Herman Melville

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