What People Say About Liminal Somatics






“For me, this work is a direct way of cultivating the intrinsic trust I’ve been seeking. This unified somatic internal consensus among body- mind-spirit that David has been honing is NVC in motion for me. It’s opening up a piece of the empathic field that has been out of my reach… one that includes other people & my body, so I’m not afraid of being afraid. So I can start to be free.”

~Shana Deane,  Teacher

“Thanks for such a heart opening workshop!  The Somatics and  Aikido really resonated with me, and “fleshed out” (pun intended) the NVC “training wheels” I’d been learning.  I love that you are into sharing this work.  I can think of so many friends who would love your work.  I’m excited to practice with my husband Jack, and with friends who are interested.”

~Cynthia Burell

“David is one of those rare teachers who tune in completely to his audience.  You feel heard, seen and empowered through his work and that is a great gift.  His skill as an Aikido master blends forcefully with his creative program of Somatic Consensus.  You leave with a deep awareness of your own embodied habits, and exciting new skills to help you return to center, stay neutral in crisis, and lead with your heart.  I can’t recommend him and his workshops highly enough.”

–Jane Falkner,  Therapist, and  Coach

“You create a beautiful container. I have a strong feeling that what we did here this weekend will expand itself in the weeks ahead.  These are seeds planted in my body that I believe will keep sprouting. ”

~Kirsten Elfandahl, Executive Director of Freedom Project

David/Judith your kindness/humor/generosity/ and self-effacing honesty were beautiful to behold…It was powerful to watch Masculine/Feminine perspective(s) being expressed with all of the true dimensions intact.   I appreciated seeing kindness tempered with the eyes of a perspicacious witness. You both demonstrated Flexibility in  Strength and kindness measured with the persistent light of Loving inquiry.

Steven T.,  Professional Actor

“The workshop was one of the most amazing two days in my life. The way in which you openly share yourself invites out the part of me that had been afraid to come out.  Both you and Judith exude a bountiful energy of generosity.  Your desires to contribute to all that is good about life comes through so beautifully. Thank you.”

 ~Delores T.
 “I am walking away from this workshop with a deepened sense of how to see my part in effective communication. An enlarged heart more capable of openness.”

~Sara T.

“Somatic Consensus is an opportunity to transform how you communicate with yourself and the world. Understanding the importance of love and empathy.”

~Reggie T.

“I felt vulnerable and safe which is wonderful. I’ve discovered so much about myself.”

 ~Brian Hopper, Therapist

“My son and I both were so astounded by your classes. I think it may have been the most useful/interesting and most fun instruction that we will ever encounter. I wanted you to know how pleased we are that we met you and had that opportunity!”
~Lorena & Diego Murray


“I am so happy to say that I am a much less triggered human being since we began in February. I feel calm and confident most of the time and a sense of joy and excitement is filling up the places in my being that used to house anxiety and doubt. I was even able to demonstrate the “I don’t know; I do know” technique in a sacred ceremony that I just participated in. It was awesome to share David’s wise teachings to other conscious light workers!!”

~Tiffany Braun,   Nutritional Counselor

“I am grateful for the time we spent together in the Cowichan and I know it has helped to give me a strong foundation to stand on as I enter this new journey as a mentor.”
~Jason Roberts,   school teacher

“After the great depth 0f my work with you in May along with a strong suggestion that I rest after such deep work, I am feeling pretty strong and positive, studying the guck I let go of thanks to you and my new found lightness of being.”


“I am grateful for the knowledge and generosity you shared years ago which helped to positively shape my life today and hope to continue learning from you as soon as possible.”

~Laura P.
“I want to tell you that hardly a day goes by when I don’t put my feet squarely on the ground and center myself in the way you taught us, it has been a great help to me.  I want to encourage you to keep up the important work that you do (not that you need my encouragement).”

~Marcus Lang

 “Thank you so much for such an inspirational and life altering workshop.  I have never experienced such peace, belonging and connection.  The workshop and the group were amazing!  I am grateful for your teaching and also for your and Judith’s ‘presence’.  It has had a very positive impact on me, my family and my friendships.  I also have a sense of excitement that the workshop’s effects are by no means over.”

 ~Julia Boles- Duncan, BC

“David – I think you bring great expertise, experience and energy to the group. I love how you mix-up stories, explanations, practical physical practice, demonstrations and group work. I think that your passion for this work is infectious and creates a great energy. I also love the sense of safety and openness that you created with the group.”

~Angela Walkley,  Life Coach

“David puts the meat on the bones of NVC.”

–Ken B. Ph.D. and NVC Student

I got(in the workshop) that it is more about the practice, feeling NVC distinctions in the body–that’s where the integration occurs!”

Kiki Elfandahl

“David created and held a space that enabled honesty, authenticity, learning, and realization. What I enjoyed most was (is) the feeling of love that I’m left with and the gift of self-awareness that I’ve been supported in realizing.”

~Emily C. NVC teacher–        

“NVC is a whole practice like Aikido (Marshall “Art” Rosenberg) is a life practice, and we need to learn how to bring into being what we really love. And these (NVC & Aikido) are beautiful ways to change the default settings.”

~Nora R.  Lawyer

“A great way to have hope about the most heated and wounded relationship.”

~Bill Wright

“I got a lot out of it. Thank you for all of this wonderful stuff. Am doing some of the practices daily, and have felt my 3 y.o. feeling much safer in the world. Very touched by what you shared with us, and with me personally. This is really a brilliant and needed addition to NVC. I am envisioning a DVD set, a workbook perhaps, and a HUGE audience for your work among experienced NVCers who are needing this embodied approach, as well as people new to NVC who can get it much more quickly”.

~Karen Andrews   Artist and Therapist

“Go try it. I benefited.”  Needs met: Learning more about how to use the body to connect empathically.  I love the role-beings and I enjoyed the way you led them without pushing, I love to trust that participants know best. We, as trainers, can suggest, but pushing is more about our need to feel effective…. it contributed to interdependence, which I wish we had more opportunities to practice in our society”

–Eliane Geren   NVC trainer and nutritionist

“With David, I feel seen and heard and experience a greater level of understanding of human beings, not just myself.  Somatic Consensus is a unique and special way of being in the world! These practices assist me in following my dreams and contributing to my community and beyond while staying in alignment with my values.”

~Hanakyle Morantz    Yoga teacher and Therapist


“Thank you for your generous teaching last weekend.  The embodied NVC and TB combination was one the most powerful things I have done lately.  It helped move me along to greater wholeness and aliveness.  It also figured in neatly with dreams and other inner work I’ve been attending to.”

~Cindy Thelen    Spiritual Care Giver

This work helps me find another access to my inner challenges, freeing up stuck energies.  I learned practices and viewpoints to develop further to improve myself.  A wonderful experience!

~Mike Peiman

I appreciate David’s spacious attention, gentle and adaptive(yet deep) instruction, constant awareness of gratitude and accessibility of improvement(attitude of positive capable action)

~Melissa Rasmussen 


Impressions from other NVC Trainers

“What I experienced very powerfully throughout the day was your sincerity of presence and embodiment of NVC consciousness. I felt so touched, embraced by that essence of NVC through you. I enjoyed having movement and experiential learning being center-stage in the way you structured the day. As many of us expressed, the quality of connection and the learning environment you created were deeply nurturing and supported us in living the practice.”

–Lucy Leu, NVC Trainer and author of The NVC Workbook

I read about your Spiral Blend process in the trainers and having tried it out, both my partner and I love this process. We both love that it demonstrates a graceful and elegant way to manage the IMPACT of a verbal and/or emotional attack, be it in the form of a denial, make-wrong, label, put-down, criticism, or any of the infinite ways that we can jackal another person. All NVC trainers know about making a giraffe apology, and making amends, but until your article, I have not seen anything that addresses the impact – the somatic contraction that occurs when we receive the energy of an attack.

— Dorset Campbell-Ross-CNVC trainer, mediator, and coach

“I love the opportunity to pay attention to what is happening sensation-wise in the body, to explore what stimulates that, what it means, and how I can become more empowered to choose to better meet my needs based on that awareness. I am still meditating on some of the awareness’s I got on Saturday.”

–Barbara Larson Certified NVC trainer


“Foremost in my mind is my excitement and joy in how deeply the Aikido movements actually support and facilitate the embodiment of NVC consciousness as I understand and hold it. I also appreciated David’s fluidity with integrating those and sharing them in a very accessible way. I was enthused to use some of the movements the very next weekend in a workshop I gave, as streamlining the integration of NVC consciousness in students is my foremost intention, and his presentation certainly supports that. I sense that David has the ability to deeply self- connect, to be transparent and available to the moment, to hold an empathic presence with others and to share his gifts with humility.”

–Loren Swift Certified NVC Trainer


“I found what he presented to be engaging and compelling. I suspect his approach may be unusually effective in helping certain concepts “stick.” I found David’s Aikido and movement based metaphors for NVC ideas to be powerfully engaging. Now, several months later, I still vividly remember his demonstration of “stepping off the line” to let jackal energy pass one by, supporting staying grounded in and hearing in NVC consciousness. This is an image I would want to use myself in a conflict situation, and which I would potentially teach to my own students to present his work in a workshop here.”

–Bob Wentworth, NVC Trainer


“I was breath-taken by some of the examples he brought, and filled with hope connecting to the possibilities of teaching NVC through these examples. I was also very impressed with David’s presence and ease as a facilitator. It seems that more and more NVC practitioners are including the body in their work; David has his own unique way of doing that and I just hope that as many people as possible could access his work.”

–François Beausoleil, CNVC Certified Trainer


“I continue to work with some of your exercises and ways to use and adapt them. Glad to have the new tools and experiences to draw on.”

–Selene Aitken  Certified NVC Trainer


“I have been leading NVC workshops in prisons in Washington State through the Freedom Project since 1999, David to be highly skilled in Nonviolent Communication and he has many tools and talents to enhance his teaching of NVC, making it a fun and highly experiential workshop. He uses music, somatic awareness and Aikido to support others to a deeper understanding of NVC consciousness, coupled with high energy and compassion to others.”

–Janice Eng   NVC Freedom Project trainer

“For me, this work is a direct way of cultivating the intrinsic trust I’ve been seeking. This unified somatic internal consensus among body-mind-spirit that David has been honing is NVC in motion for me.  it’s opening up a piece of the empathic field that has been out of my reach… one that includes other people & my body, so I’m not afraid of being afraid. so I can start to be free. “

— Shana Deane  NVC instructor and coach


“In my experience, David Weinstock fully lives the teachings that he offers which include ‘living alignment with oneself’. Specifically, I have learned how to ‘reprogram’ visceral responses by integrating one’s head, heart, and gut in a holistic way with David! This way of being with NVC speaks to me deeply as its hold the nonverbal, energetic aspects of this practice equally with the verbal, visibly seen aspects of NVC! In my opinion, David shines a light on really living the consciousness first and foremost as an avenue for then fully embracing the practical skills; an approach that embodies integrity and presence!”

–John Clark  Executive Coach and trainer


I enjoyed and have longed to see NVC combined with the body!  My perspective comes from training as a yoga teacher and therapist.  When I share one move of David’s in one of my NVC bums on chairs classes, one student cried!  The man loved the simplicity demonstrating the NVC consciousness in one move.  The student experienced a shift in consciousness that I saw deepened his NVC understanding and skills throughout the rest of our classes….

–Taylor Duvall  Yoga and NVC instructor


It was like watching a dance as you both worked with what the other brought to the dance. While David still led with the content he’s developed, Judith’s voice was stronger (not louder, but stronger), assured and found its place within the group. And the two of you bounced off and contributed to each other really nicely.

–Angela W.  Cambio Consulting


“I view David and Judith as the voice of individual and social responsibility in an inhospitable word that chokes off freedom as well as man’s essential  humanism.”

–Mel S. – Professor of History


“David’s work is a labor of love and a gift to all those fortunate enough to experience it.  His collaborative, experiential teaching encourages subtle reflection on core behavioral patterns, and more skillful expressions of centered, compassionate ways of being in the world.”
-Karen Sella, Therapist and Yoga Instructor
“I personally experienced substantial shifts in perspective as a result of how thoughtfully and skillfully I was encouraged to step out of my box, and guided along. David’s leadership touched the hearts and moved the minds of others’ present, as well. The depth of his ability to listen, to meet each person where they were, and to hold both the empathy and the tension, was remarkable.”

– Lou Ann Street, Therapist, and Transformational Breathing Instructor


“Here you’ll find a coherent approach to NVC through your body and perceptions. You’ll discover you have unsuspected and unused strengths in your own body.”

– Bill Leicht,              President of Urban Visions


“I enjoyed and have longed to see NVC combined with the body!  My perspective comes from training as a yoga teacher and therapist.  When I share one move of David’s in one of my NVC classes, one student cried!  The man loved the simplicity demonstrating the NVC consciousness in one move.  The student experienced a shift in consciousness that I saw deepened his NVC understanding and skills throughout the rest of our classes….”

–Monique Bressler


“David’s competence and Aikido training show in his fluid and graceful movements.  His explanations about the body and psychological and emotional reactions show his level of understanding and respect for the human body.  His presence shows his compassion and enjoyment while sharing NVC in a new more kinesics form which I find very exciting and worthwhile.”

–Taylor Duvall,            Psychotherapist and Yoga Instructor
“I want to repeat how much we appreciated your teaching on Sunday evening.  What you brought to our session was very engaging, and it gave us a grounding in physical behavior and body language — and deep feelings — that complement the intellectual side of NVC teaching.”

–Barry Peters  


“You have created a sacred container of special spirits and have a remarkable clarity and ability to understand and see what is going on.  It helped me to find my center more easily and to understand by listening to my body, what is important to me. The grounding and the wind exercise were profound for me.”

Isabel Gates, Photographer


“Specifically, I have learned how to ‘reprogram’ visceral responses by integrating one’s head, heart and gut in a holistic way with David!, David has an approach that embodies integrity and presence!”

–Andrew Koch               Consultant


“The body and breathing practices I learned re-connected me with my body and literally changed the way I am in the world.  I stand straighter and walk with purpose.  David’s way is gentle and strong. He helped me clarify and live my values and my commitment so that I could realize the life I want to live. The workshop literally changed my life.”

Paul Bartick                 Bartick Consulting Group


Praise for David and Judith Weinstock’s training

“In you two I saw genuine human beings with real problems. That we’re all in this together. Needs: sharing, connection, authenticity.”

–Bonella Beusekom


This I realized the Saturday after the training when talking to my youngest sister.  During the whole conversation, I was aware of changes in my emotions without being overtaken by them. I could go from turmoil, impatience, etc. back to peace and quietness. And from being grounded again and feeling quiet, I could really listen, really hear what my sister was saying. The need to give my story or opinion disappeared and instead, I continued to ask questions. Also, being quiet changed what further questions I asked and how I asked them. We definitely got one level deeper in our conversation, to better understanding our selves and the other, great!

–Ans Smulder


The energy David and Judith brought to space felt safe, loving and supportive. An incredible workshop where we talk about how we hold feelings and pain in different ways in our bodies; how to hold each other as divine beings. They inspire me more than I can say.

–Leo Bodstock


David and Judith are very good at situational analysis and implementation of appropriate strategies. They embodied and taught seeing other people functioning fully as themselves in fullness as whole beings.

–David Yeazel


Powerful inner work that provides new resources for healthy relationships.

–Evan Lenz


Valuable, beautiful, fun, great connection. So glad my husband and I decided to come!!

–Lisa Lenz


I loved it! The circle of support was amazing. David’s way of presenting-leadership and at the same time a fellow traveler, Judith-such an example of support that we have at our “backs”.

–Mary Ann Jacobs


David and Judith are two of the most beautiful humans I’ve had the privilege to meet.  I enjoyed most being a part of this small community we formed over a few weekends. It helped me learn about myself and my identity, which I’d been struggling with. This is a workshop in dealing with un-ideal emotions and feelings in a healthy provocative way, and how to stay grounded through it.

–Ruby-Harrison – Clay


David and Judith’s offering helped me learn to see things without conflict and better yet, get inspired by life and all that I can be.

–Emily Johnston






From College Students:

Feedback from College Students

The workshop helped me to connect down to my deepest self in a fun and practical way.  It is full of heart, love, play, and authenticity. Thoroughly awesome in all sense of the word!

–Chloe Brown-College Student

“Refreshing and inspiring…this workshop provided me with challenges and ways to search through my internal difficulties.  I felt safe to do this for many hours at a time.  I am inspired to shift out of some of my destructive habits.”

–Forrest Postler


“I learned tools to work in my body and engage myself….mind heart and body together.It’s really a place where it is safe to explore deep and real communication.”

–Jason Leher


Somatic Consensus helped me recognize the things I want and how to search for them within myself.  I truly enjoyed the opportunity to explore the power of intention and attention in a group activity

–Jen Marin


–“David provided practices and support for embodied, emotionally aware living.”

–Cameron Withey


“What I loved: The openness and vulnerability of David. Lots of experiential exercises.”

–Rachel M.


” David’s integration of body based practice with NVC is effective at helping students integrate mind and heart. Also, I think his methods, by making the practice physical, help to speed recall and learning, Indeed, on many occasions, remembering the felt experience of an exercise has prompted me to check-in with myself at moments and more consciously chose my present state. I would highly recommend this workshop and teacher and hope very much he will return to teach at Evergreen again.”

 -Josiah Mitchell- Student


“This workshop was absolutely amazing. I feel grounded, powerful, and passionate after participating. David’s work fits perfectly with Evergreen’s commitment to personal action, activism, self-awareness. His creative, centering approach to nonviolent communication helped me deepen into my own meaning and values as a way to communicate my needs, and sort out conflict with others. He provided me with a set of skills that I’ve been searching for to deepen into my personal commitment to my interests and loves as a way to facilitate life and relationships. I’ve shared some of the activities with friends and family because I feel that these practices are a great way to form a community and help individuals in a community process and deepen into their own sense of personal meaning and strength, for the benefit of the whole.”
Chloe Brown


“It was such a powerful experience and it really helped draw together a few of my loose ends in terms of realigning myself with my intentions in life and affirming my direction. It was fantastic! I loved the pace of it too. After a hectic quarter taking 20 credits and working and all sorts of other activities, it was such a privilege to slow down and be present with a community of lovely people. I’ve taken so much from the workshop, a restored sense of spark and enthusiasm for the work I want to do in the world, a centered sense of being and tools for re-centering for when I inevitably fall off balance. Thank you so much, I would LOVE to participate again. “

-Kailan Tyler-Babkirk,  Multicultural Counselor


These workshops taught me that having emotions is actually ok and acknowledging them and giving them my attention is beneficial to my overall well-being. I’ve learned how to listen. How to stare someone in the eye, really hear what he or she is saying and experience an empathic connection with him or her. I only wish that the series was longer so we could go deeper. My favorite moments of my college experience have been with this group, experiencing such profound moments of connection and understanding. Many precious moments.



What I gained and learned was how it feels to completely expose myself. The parts of myself I usually keep hidden from others and myself. It felt raw and thrilling. I now know how to be my true self more often. I loved the internal consensus practice. I am in awe of the unconditional love I feel towards and from everyone in this group and I thank David and Judith on the basis of that.

–Nico- Junior


The love and care that you both hold us with and bring to space make me think about how different this sense would have been if we didn’t feel safe being vulnerable to you. I also really appreciate having you here as a team. One perspective is great but having another to chime in and add to the world was always really beneficial. You both have changed my life and I really hope to work with you more in the future.



I remember a year ago in the same farm house I sit now, Ruby and I came into the space knowing no one yet inexplicably drawn here. In that first workshop, I spent the entire time on the verge of tears. I did not have the knowledge in my brain but even more so in my body to know how to hold myself and others in empathy.

-Kayla- Senior

My internal self had been in so much unacknowledged pain for so long. Gently opening and holding my self within the vulnerable and intentional space we created as a community, changed and softened my internal landscape forever.



This experience has held me in each stage of life, in each meeting, each new eyes I meet. This experience I carry into my relationships and in my speech. Improving things with my mother, father, and my partner. I am stronger now and capable.  I am more excited to work with my whole body in consensus, checking in with my heart, head, gut and solar plexus.

Gabrielle Gribben- Senior


My favorite thing about this workshop was how safe of a space we held collectively for such depth in our learning. We went deep into ourselves, our patterns our histories and our fears, and just having space where this is welcomed shifted my whole life. This opening up to the mystery is overflowing now and filling up so many spaces where it had been missing.



What hit me most about these workshops has been the incredible community and individual people it’s introduced me to. These are people dedicated to being strong, vulnerable, honest, true, and pure. It’s been a very visceral experience of love and acceptance for me. The one retreat that I’ve been o to Wiseacres remains one of an incredible experience for e because of what and how I felt there. I am realizing I can’t put it into words, but it was very special to me. Thank you. Here is a place to be free. Being around and with you, two and everyone else is a learning experience for me. Thank you for your tenderness, gentleness, your excellence, and your music.



I appreciate the stillness and confidence I have gained. This workshop has helped me realize my power and trust in my intuition. It helped me to give myself space and time to explore myself. I am a fast mover/talker/doer and this work has helped me to feel comfortable in giving myself time-helped me remember and truly feel that I deserve this time and space. Your humor and lightness helped me to feel comfortable going into the deep and dark. Taking this and ourselves seriously-but not too seriously. I have mounds of gratitude and love for you both and this dojo.



It was wonderful to be here because it helped me learn skills and remember why my community of friends is so meaningful to me. I felt safe to just relax and find my ground.



I wanted to thank you again for all you shared. I learned so much from you that can be applied in the moment when I am triggered.

Debra S. -Junior


Thank you so much for your purity, generosity of heart and integrative felt sense. really was so moved in many ways and most deeply touched by your song and vulnerable sharing from the pressure cooker of relationships.

Ann Marie- Student



Workshops with David Weinstock and Marcia Christin

Good morning David,
I was deeply touched by the group’s intense and focused energy at your Port Townsend workshop yesterday.  I feel excited and motivated by NVC and related somatic practices.
My friend Angie was also present and the drive home was filled with delightful, open hearted sharing and hopeful discovery about NV relating with our loved ones as well as personal NV care.
As I read your recent article about sharing the “inner friend” with the group of children, I was touched to tears as I realized how beautiful loving, nurturing relationship truly is and how much I want that to be my life’s work/play.
This is not a brand new passion of mine, but a developing direction that seems to be moving along pretty swiftly now.  I appreciate the compassionate energy that you and Marcia shared with the group.  The comfortable “container” provided lots of space to be open and safe as we explore NVC.
I am becoming increasingly aware that even though the painful experiences of my life have been enormously challenging, they also hold within them the potential for authentic connection and endless beauty as I practice this shift in my perspective.  Powerful!
Delores Q

Youth Program:

“David’s warm, grounded, presence is a balm, bringing a depth of unconditional positive regard and empowerment to his students.  His work is versatile, playful and engaging for kids of all ages.
He offers tools and a skill set that is valuable for the peaceful navigation and engagement of life, in the classroom, on the playground, and at home. We love David. You will love him too. You can’t really help yourself.”
~Maren Metke Teacher- Living Compass School



“David helps children touch into personal strength and how to include someone in your personal space in ways that decrease reactions and heal conflicts.”  

–Anne Gaulin, Duncan, BC

“David is gifted at helping kids understand the power of living what they love. He makes learning how to navigate conflict fun, natural and engaging for kids.  I love his creative way of helping children find ways to stay connected and empowered in their relationships at school and in their life.”                

–Colleen Ericson, Grass Valley, CA


A note from a mother of 3

Hello David,

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful day that my 3 girls (Hannah, Sarah, and Emily Richards) had on Sunday at your workshop.  They have been brimming with excitement and activity stemming from the day with you.  From the moment that I picked them up, they were very excited to try and explain to me everything they had done, and were most animated in their demonstrations!  I wanted to share with you some of the comments that I heard from them:

“He asked us some really hard questions…but GOOD questions.  For example, ‘How are you?’.  And, ‘good’ or ‘fine’ isn’t what he meant.  He really wanted you to think from your heart.”

“We talked about how to try and understand why someone else might say what they do, even if you don’t agree with them.  I think that would be hard when I am mad, but I will try to do that.”

“You know, it’s really about thinking with your heart and your stomach…not always your head.”

“I’m going to try the ‘bubble’ when I’m in the Greek Olympics at school.  Do you think it would work for that??”

And my all-time favorite that came from Hannah (11yrs old) on the way home from the workshop:

“Mom, that bubble!?  It’s simply magnificent!!”

Thank you for what you do.  The girls are already asking if they can work with you again, so I hope to see you back in our community very soon.


Dawn Richards



“I liked the games where we had to move out of the way of the stick and I learned that it wasn’t how ready I was, or how much I tried to move faster, it was more that I was able to move with the other person if I relaxed and felt like we were together.  That was amazing to see.”

~Sophie,  age 10


“I liked the idea that things can be less confusing and less dangerous when you move towards the source of a fight, instead of away.”

~Dylan,  age 9


“I liked how we learned to make a bubble and include others in it and included nature too.”

~Thomas, age 7


“I liked learning that when you’re with someone and caring that if they are attacking,  you can pretty much know what they are going to do before they do it.”

~Devin, age 12


“I was surprised to learn that holding my muscles tight are less powerful than when I am relaxed and feeling what I love.”

~Sage W, age 9


“I liked learning how to walk in a way that I can relate to every thing around me.”

~Annie, age 8


“I was surprised to learn that holding my muscles tight are less powerful than when I am relaxed and feeling what I love.”

~Susie, age 9


“I liked learning Aikido moves the best.”

~Mark, age 7


“I liked learning how much better things work when I am relaxed.

When I am relaxed, I can focus better and move better in scary times.”

~David, age 10

 From  inmates in prisons:

“During the night for the whole time I have been in prison, I finally was able to sleep on Saturday night. I was able to connect mind and body and that helped me relax.”

“As a result of the workshop, I let go of a prejudgment of another inmate and made a connection where I was able to contribute to him.  I had thought he was too high to provide feedback to and by letting go of the pre-judgment I created a rich relationship with the other inmate that contributes to both of us.”

“Another participant said that he felt humane the way the workshop was conducted which created “a sense of hope that didn’t have before” Also, he stated that respected touched him and he saw equal respect for everybody.”

” I felt like a human, not an inmate.”


“This is the best NVC workshop out of all NVC classes I attended since 1996.”

“My need for understanding of expressing feelings is met by David’s reminding us to express how we feel instead of our opinions and judgments. My need for growth is met when David opened the Sunday training by saying let’s use everything as a learning opportunity. He asked us to have a “please teach me” kind of attitude. “

“When I was sitting on my chair slouching and complaining David was able to turn the situation around by explaining how we have the power to change things by making effort to engage and bringing curiosity to how and what we practice as a way of becoming who we are.”

“I was also surprised by most of the participants’ ability to make instant and accurate observations especially during sharing the commitments exercise!!”

“I like how David would do the same sharing and commitment exercise we did and was open to feedback from everybody.”

“I learned that I have a difficulty identifying and expressing needs and feelings. There are beautiful and human qualities hidden inside human beings to come out if I (we) give space and right circumstance. “

“My usual way of being is the  “fire” element that was introduced during the workshop. David explained how to use other elements such as water, air, space. I was able to use this right away when somebody blames me and points fingers at me and shift it to working together. It was a great exercise.”


Feedback for David and Robyn Caywood’s combined training:

“The opportunity to connect and the tools to communicate more love. an amazing opportunity to connect and learn about better ways to communicate.”                                                                                          ~  Nadine Casanova Shaw 

“It changed my life and gave me great tools to love myself and those around me with a pure connection.  Overall it helped m find more support and willingness to be a better person.”

~Vincent Bowman                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
“The workshop was a great affirmation for me to honor process. The medium was the message and it resonated deeply in my heart.”                                                                                                                                       ~James Shaw

“Very connected and able to hold space even through difficult times. I felt seen and the opportunity to be seen”

 “Amazing trainers. Very connected and able to hold space even through difficult times.  I felt seen”.

~Jim Richards

“It taught me to be attentive of our rich inner landscape as well as learn tools available for achieving our deepest connect to others and self.”                                                                                                                    ~Mena Z.

“It was an answer to a prayer in terms of authenticity, engaging my family and myself.  It was truly healing and a platform for ongoing self-realization.  You both are so beautiful.”

~Willow Dejesus

“The community, the setting, the transparency of all, the chance to practice!  It is a great way to have hope about the more heated and wounded relationships.”                                                                                                                          

~Kathy Buys,   Psychologist





  • “We cannot live for ourselves alone. Our lives are connected by a thousand invisible threads, and along these sympathetic fibers, our actions run as causes and return to us as results.”

    -- Herman Melville

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